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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Death and Taxes?

Does anyone else LOATH MTV's "Teen Mom" show???

I've often joked about passing out business cards at Sam's Club...

... to single teenaged pregnant women.  When I hear about anyone being pregnant, I offer to take the baby off their hands. "You can give it to me, if you want to?"  I'm not shy.  I've done this to friends, family, people I barely know. It sounds desperate, I realize. Part of me is joking, but the other part, serious as a heart attack. Can you believe some people actually get offended?

Update on the baby scenario: The bio-dad is refusing to comply to sign his rights away. This is somewhat expected. Apparently, he is 38, with no job, no income, no home, no nothing. It seems he's trying to wear the baby mama down into keeping the baby, but she's hanging tough.  Here's the deal: we will NOT fight the bio-dad for her, because we wouldn't dream of taking a wanted baby from her parents. We are just not that desperate.

I guess I didn't mention that we are not yet adoption certified, we were not persuing adoption, and were pretty content with letting God do a miracle for us if He wanted to when this came up. I had to get to a place where I could accept that a baby was not God's plan for me, incase it indeed wasn't.  I was going a bit mad there for a while, depressed when other people got pregnant, not able to hold friends' babies. You understand.  A friend actually told me a few weeks ago that her friend's daughter wanted to meet us and let us adopt her unborn infant. Who does that? This is real life, not Juno!  Who just gives you their baby? It was my "perfect scenraio:"  all the benefit, none of the heartache and pain and years and thousands of dollars that going through an agency creates.

Or so I thought.  Enter bio-dad's resistance.  And we have a thousand things to do, and thousands to spend anyway now to comply with state and federal adoption policy, which we will gladly do (still much less hassle and expense than the above scenario.) The bummer is, we don't know if this will come to fruition.  My friend Nichole thinks it could be God kicking us in our pants to get certified anyway, just in case  something like this happens again, and should this opportunity fall out.  Because, you know, people give away their babies all the time.

What to do, what to do? Pray, and give it to God. It's His to sort out. That's the only real guarantee I have in all of this.

What I am certain of is that I will make myself a delicious low-carb minute muffin for breakfast this morning. My version of "delicious" is very likely different than yours. 

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